Rosehill Guineas 23/03/96 - 1st Octagonal - D Beadman, 2nd Saintly - P Payne, 3rd Nothin Leica Dane - R S Dye ******
Time 1.59.99 (last 600 34.87) , equalling Danewin's  Race and Course Record ******
Margins : Half Neck, Half Head  ******     Photo courtesy of  STEVE HART PHOTOGRAPHICS

Live Broadcasts from WA TAB and Sport 927

  • Once you are receiving the broadcast you can move around to other sites and the broadcast will continue until you disconnect from the net.



That statement needs to be made up-front as in some cases there is little that can be done to get a perfect broadcast. Broadcasting Audio over the internet is still a relatively new technology and can cause some people problems. Nearly all problems are caused at the users end or with Internet bottleneck delays in the route the signal takes. If the latter is the problem, there isn't much you can do, it's just the general slowness of the Internet, this is obviously more likely the further away from the source you are. Broadcasts can also suffer from popularity, thousands try and listen in which can mean more congestion problems. However some problems are solvable, so if you are having difficulty then try the following common solutions :

  • Problem - When I click on the link I get a message saying something like 'This is not a Real Audio document'
  • Solution - Download the latest version of the RealPlayer, your current version may be out of date.

  • Problem - When I am listening to the broadcast, it keeps cutting out.
  • Solution - The most common complaint. The odd cut out would be normal, Real Audio stretches the capabilities of the Internet, but it should be very infrequent. If there are constant cut-outs, then the link between you and the source is slow. You should have at least a 28.8bps modem and should try closing down ALL other internet programs, browsers, webcams etc and ONLY run Real Player. Also you could try rebooting your machine first. If it is the general Internet link that is slow, then there isn't too much that can be done. You just need to hope things improve with the speed of the connection.